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The team at NexGen Utility Sales is committed to working with quality manufacturers and partners to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products, services, and energy solutions. We are pleased to cover the mid-Atlantic, southeast U.S., and Caribbean for most of our lines and look forward to the opportunity to support you.


• Power Transformers up to 300MVA

• Distribution transformers & Fiberglass Pads, 1

phase & 3 phase up to 5000kVA.

• Mobile Substations & Portable substation


• Reactors

• Substation Field Services

• Instrument Transformers

• Mobile Generation

• DC Power & Charging Systems

• Solar Cells & Panels (PV Modules)

• Battery Energy Storage Systems

• Mobile Energy Storage Systems

• E-Houses, Control Buildings, & Equipment Centers

• Electronic Monitoring Equipment

• Transformer Cooling Systems & Fans

• Oil Filtering systems & Elements

​• Transmission and Substation structures

ASC Incorporated Logo


Since 1970, ASC, Inc. has offered complete solutions for the Design, Engineering, Fabrication, and Supply of Steel Structures - primarily for Power Utilities and for Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) customers in the Power Delivery sector across North America.

BAE Batteries USA Logo

BAE Batteries USA

BAE Batteries USA provides superior batteries for critical back up power and energy storage requirements. BAE provides a full line of stationary VLA and VRLA batteries, chargers, racks, spill containment, & accessories.

CFI Logo

Contact Fabricators Inc (CFI)

Contact Fabricators Inc (CFI)hasexpertise in manufacturing new and obsolete electrical contacts for electrical equipment. CFI is able to provide contact kits for LTCsof any manufacturerand can provide many hard to find electrical components in a short timeframe.

Delta Star Logo

Delta Star Inc.

Delta Star Inc . is the premier manufacturer of power transformers, and world leader for mobile substations, and mobile protection systems. Delta Star produces power transformers up to 300MVA and mobile substation up to 100MVA.

Delta Star Logo Field Service

Delta Star Field Service 

Delta Star Field Service performs service work on transformers from any OEM. Examples include: Regasketing, Testing, Oil processing, Oil retrofills, LTC maintenance and Retrofits. Provides aftermarket parts for any OEM. Transformer as well as the DeltAir inert air system.

Electrical Technologies Logo

Electrical Technologies

Electrical Technologies produces passive cooling chambers for critical back up battery systems. These passive cooling chambers are designed to harvest daily temperature fluctuations to provide a suitable environment for batteries, without the need of air conditioning systems, saving the substation auxiliary power.

ElectriGlass Logo


Electri-Glass manufacturers quality & durable fiberglass transformer box pads, hand holes, splice boxes, switchgear pads, hill holders, & sectionalizing cabinet bases.    

Electric-Glass also manufactures fiberglass sectionalizing cabinets.

All products are available in standard or non-standard configurations/ dimensions.

Filtration Logo


Filmax manufacturers filters and filtration systems primarily for use in the electric utility space for filtering LTC oil, single & three phase regulators, oil circuit breakers, and transformers. Filmax also produces customized mobile filtration systems and inventories Guardian Desiccant breathers.

Konark Logo


Konark Energy is the world-wide supplier and contact manufacturer of solar modules, based in USA with manufacturing relations in India and Vietnam. We render solar panels to distributors and installers of mid to large size solar projects (Rooftop Solar, Ground Mounted Solar, Floating Solar & Solar Battery Storage).

KORE Solutions Logo

Kore Solutions

Kore Solutions manufacturers battery energy storage systems (BESS), for use with renewable energy resources, back-up/emergency power for grid peak load support, and support for micro-grid projects

Nomad Logo


NOMAD produces mobile/transportable battery power systems aimed toward supporting peak power requirements, On- demand power for islanding of events, government assistance projects, natural disasters, micro grid support, and maximum utilization of renewable energy resources.

PanelMatic Logo


Panelmatic is a manufacturer of control panels and control buildings.  From standard designs to full turn key solutions, Panelmatic has been serving their customers since 1957 with rigorous methodology assuring compliance with customer and industry standards. We are able to meet the needs of our diverse clientele from start to finish through sales, design, fabrication, testing, and delivery.


Paradoxe PX3 Power Flo

Paradoxe PX3 Power Flo fans offer superior transformer cooling solutions. The PX3 fans are designed to provide better cooling and longer fan lifetime. Designed with a self-cooling motor enclosure that is IP55 rated, the PX3 fans are designed to work in harshest elements. Due to the lower weight fan design and the self-cooling nature of the fan motor, the lifetime of the fan is extended, getting utilities one step closer to a maintenance free transformer.

Trantech Logo


Trantech is a manufacturer of radiator cooling solutions for oil filled transformers.   Additional products and services include: Engineering services for up-rating of transformers, transformer life extensions and efficiency upgrades, ballistic protection systems, and portable/auxiliary cooling solutions. 

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